About Sveriges Innovationsriksdag

Sveriges Innovationsriksdag is the annual conference for Sweden's innovation ecosystem, arranged yearly since 2011 by Swedish Incubators & Science Parks together with member organisations. This year´s event will be held in Blekinge and the theme is “The Smart Society”. Sveriges Innovationsriksdag gather the core of Sweden's national and regional actors from politics, business, academia and society - to develop the industry and it’s policies to promote and strengthen innovation and business development based on current social challenges. The conference will be held in Swedish.

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About Sveriges innovationsriksdag 8-9 May 2019 in Blekinge
Sweden's southernmost and sunny archipelago, where industrial, technical and digital development has contributed to successful entrepreneurship, pioneering innovation and boundless collaboration for more than 300 years. With a globally top-ranked university in software engineering and sustainable development.

At this year's conference, we discuss how we can contribute to the development of the smart society – in digital and analog, virtual and physical.

How can society, academia and industry collaborate to promote and drive development towards a smarter society while reaching the sustainable development goals? How can we, with entrepreneurship, business development and innovations, contribute to increased participation in the development of society?

Through knowledge sharing and smart collaboration, we can go beyond organizational, financial, technical and knowledge limitations and ensure that Sweden takes a leading position in the global development of smart societies.

For those who have dreams and visions, there are always new opportunities beyond the horizon.